Kim Rivers Roberts

2009 Honorary Muse Kim Rivers Roberts

Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy – Kimberly Rivers Roberts

Kimberly Rivers Roberts is the star of the award-winning Katrina documentary “Trouble the Water,” with first-person footage during the storm shot by Roberts with a hand-held camcorder she had purchased on the street only days before the storm. The movie tells the story of Roberts, who is also a bounce hip-hop artist known as BlackKoldMadina, as she was trapped in her Ninth Ward home during the storm and her family’s ordeals during the storm’s aftermath.

Kim’s performance in the movie has been lauded on a national level and the film was on many end-of-the-year top ten lists. Her indomitable spirit and her unstintingly honest and cogent observations about her experience reveal her as one of the heroes of Katrina and a role model for all women on how to rise above horrific circumstances and truly succeed. Star of post-K doc ‘Trouble the Water’ to ride in Muses

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