2019 best parade

2019 Parade

2019 best parade

2019 Parade

2019 best parade

2019 Parade

2019 best parade

2019 Parade

2019 Muses the Musical, a Singular Sensation

The fabulous Krewe of Muses is proud to present our 2019 extravaganza: Muses the Musical, a Singular Sensation; a multi-float spectacular starring 1,132 stunning sisters. Busby Berkeley, eat your heart out.

Float 1 - Goddessey

Here comes The Goddessey, the Krewe’s newest float on a journey to inspire.

Widely known as patrons of the arts, Muses are truly patrons of knowledge. And you can’t have knowledge without illumination. This float is all about illumination – light.

The nine Muses are depicted in silhouettes around the ship because the focus is less on themselves than what they inspire.

  • Band – St Augustine High School

Float 2 - Honorary Muse 2019 – Patricia Clarkson

The Muses Shoe steps out again!

This year’s Honorary Muse is Patricia Clarkson. Clarkson’s illustrious career has spanned more than three decades. Her most recent triumph was winning the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Awards.

Patricia Clarkson is the quintessential New Orleans girl and most deserving of leading the Muses for an historic second time. We are proud of her accomplishments then and now. The continuum of her professional work is the embodiment of the attributes and spirit of the nine muses.

  • Band – Landry – Walker High School Marching Band
  • Flambeaux

Float 3 - Mt. Olympus Brass Band (Coolbone)

  • Band – John F. Kennedy High School

Float 4 - The Bathing Muses + Mama Duck and Duckies

Muses Bathtub makes way for Duck-lings. Muses’ Mama Duck and Baby Duckies are waddling down the route.

Duckies have their own special throw not found on any other float!

  • Band – Helen Cox
  • Horse Unit – Lady Godiva Riding Club

Float 5 – Molly Marines Chapter LA-1, Women Marines Association

  • Marching Unit – Molly Marines
  • Band – Edna Karr High School Marching Band

Float 6 - Muses: The Musical

The title float sets the harmonious tone for the evening, presenting playbills from some of those shows no longer running on the route.

Including Booty and the Beast, the story of a beast and that booty-ful baby who got backed into the enchanted castle and…

Bye Bye Birdie, tales of the disappearing nesting grounds of the Louisiana Pelican, and more...

La Miserable, a woman trapped in her own personal hell, with a full staff and private jet.

  • Band – McDonogh 35 Senior High School Marching Band

Float 7 - Slinging in the Drain

If Gene Kelly is down there, then he’s trapped behind nine tons of Mardi Gras beads and a whole lot of oak tree roots, because we’ve been SLINGIN’ IN THE DRAINS for years. At least we don’t have to worry about Pennywise.

Also down the drain went our hopes for an NFC Championship, so those tees — as well as the refs — have been tossed down there.

  • Band – Martin Luther King Charter School

Float 8 - Shame

Once these powerful men had fame, now they have SHAME, and it’s going to live forever — or at least 6 to 12 years.

Don’t worry!

We’ll remember your name.

  • Band – Carmouche Performing Arts Academy

Float 9 - On Your Feet

Students are doing it, women are doing it, people hired by Entergy are doing it. If Trump’s coming to town, everyone in London is doing it.

Get ON YOUR FEET and protest to the music. It’s the latest trend.

  • Band – Cohen

Float 10 - Hairstay

There’s been lots of music drifting out of the White House, and people come and go. But some things never move. It’s HAIRSTAY. One thing’s for sure: You can’t stop the tweet! This float is sponsored by Ultranutz Hairspray.

  • Band – West Jefferson High School

Float 11 - Fake Newsies

According to the White House Press Secretary, this entire parade is FAKE NEWS. It’s being delivered in interpretive dance form by the Fake Newsies of America – the ones that still have access to the White House.

  • Band – Fannie C. Williams

Float 12 - Yats


of last night on the town.

Good thing New Orleans livers have nine lives!

  • Band – Kipp Leadership Academy
  • Marching Unit – Krewe of Wheel

Float 13 - Stormilton

Mr. President’s not throwing away his shot (of penicillin) and he gave her $130K thinking that would be enough. Stormy is staging an American Scandal in three acts…and History has its eyes on her!

  • Band – Alice Harte

Float 14 - Ain’t Misbehavin’

He’s got no one to talk to. He’s all on his own. No one confirms it but he says no treaties are blown. He AIN'T MISBEHAVIN', he’s saving all his love for you know who. 

  • Band – P. A. Capdau
  • Marching Unit - High Steppers and ISL Circus Arts Kids

Float 15 - Dragtime

Let’s do the Getting Ready Drag! Storytime at the library. Showtime in the Quarter. Or just 10:00 in the morning. Slip on some spike heels, strike a pose. Drag time isn’t an hour of the day, it’s a state of mind!

  • Band – Aso Mawon Matnik and French Brass Band

Float 16 - Where'd Ya Go To High School Musical

Who needs reunions? In New Orleans, reliving our teenage years is an everyday song and dance.

Where’d YOU go?

  • Marching Unit – Camel Toe Lady Steppers & Brass Band

Float 17 - Mean Girls

Regina George is looking like Miss Congeniality these days! At least in Washington DC…well, and on Twitter, and on NBC. Damn!

Mean Girls are all over the place these days!

  • Marching Unit – Pussyfooters

Float 18 - Little Shopping Horrors

The prices are Savile Row, but the merchandise feels more like Skid Row. You try on a little number, look in the mirror, and suddenly ‘see-more’ than you ever wanted. The salespeople are mean green monsters who just want you to feed them your credit cards. Visiting this little shop of horrors is worse than going to the dentist!

  • Marching Unit – Dead Rock Stars

Float 19 - Rent

All those tourists Out Tonight aren’t going to sleep on the street.

AirBnB is their life support. And they will rent just about anything these days!

Bargain bunkbeds in a gated community? We don’t think so!

  • Marching Unit – Rolling Elvi

Float 20 - Dissenter on the Roof

Laws are always a challenge in America, but we have learned one sure fact: Without RBG, our constitution would be as shaky as a Fiddler on the Roof.

Let’s all get up and dance for the DISSENTER ON THE ROOF!

  • Marching Unit – Bearded Oysters

Float 21 - Sweet Charity and All That Jazz

The minute he walked in the joint, you could tell he was a man of non-profits, a real big spender.

HEY BIG SPENDER! Seems you’ve been spending a little time in New York, in 5-star hotels, buying gold-plated horns. That is one well-choreographed number we’ve been watching.

The DA is calling and it’s showtime folks!

  • Marching Unit – Kolossos Art Bikes

Float 22 - Babes in Latoyaland

The Mayor may be just a whisper away, but there sure are some babes in LaToyaland! Put down that copy of Goodnight Half Moon and dry those tears. Mother Goose doesn’t seem too big on playtime.

  • Marching Unit – Organ Grinders

Float 23 - Bygone Jersey Boys

You’ll find these old mascots singing on street corners because they’re unemployed or traded away. And it looks like Boudreaux is having a garage sale.

Anthony Davis Jersey just hit the pile!

  • Riding Unit – Laissez Boys

Float 24 - How to Succeed in Football without Really Winning

We were ROBBED.

  • Marching Unit – Cherry Bombs
  • Riding Unit – Pink Slip Float

Float 25 - The Greatest Showman

Senator John Kennedy. the Junior Senator from the great state of Louisiana, sure loves a catchy one-liner! And the fake news just hits the lights and gathers around the center ring.

He is The Greatest Showman!

  • Band – BateBunda and the Dance Group

Float 26 - Stomp

It’s a dance everyone is New Orleans knows and does well – especially when the lights go on!

Everybody STOMP!

  • Band – Bloco Sereia

Float 27 - On the Town

New Orleans, New Orleans!

What a wonderful town!

The Lake is up and the River is down! My car got stuck in a hole in the ground. But it’s my town!

  • Band – SkinzNBonez

Float 28 - Sirens

The Sirens, cast out by the Muses, end the parade each year. They inspire the arts and sciences and, most especially, the revelry of Mardi Gras.

Happy are They Whom the Muses Love!

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