2017 best parade

2017 Parade

2017 best parade

2017 Parade

2017 best parade

2017 Parade

2017 best parade

2017 Parade

Seventeen Years of Muses

This year 1100 Muses will parade and we hope our excitements can be conveyed. They are humble ladies and don’t mean to gloat…but this year has the best bands and the very best floats.

Muses is known for great throws and this year won’t let you down. They’ve got a few items you will use all year ‘round. They’ll throw light up diamond and bracelets made of shoes. They’ll throw re-museable totes you can use however you choose. They have got a spa headband to pull your hair back right and a combination bottle opener/flashlight! There’s a red puffy pom-pom and cool fuzzy socks. There’s a necklace spelling out Muses on tiny blocks. And just when you thought throws could not get more deluxe….Muses has made their own rubber duck!

And now everyone here please let’s all give it up for the student who designed this year’s Muses cup! Sha' Bria Counsin is the artist and the design is quite cool. Her cup earned $1,000 for NOCCA – her school.

The parade starts out with Big Easy Roller Girls

They skate and they roll and sometimes they twirl

And before throws get thrown and the big bands begin

Grab yourself a Muses parade bulletin

  • Band – St Augustine High School
  • Marching Unit – Walking Shoes and Butterflies

These are special puppets, just so you know, we’ve got some dancing shoes and butterflies that glow.

float 1 2020 goddessy

Float 1 - The Muses 2017 - The Muses Officers

Look to the first float with all riders strapped in

It’s the Muses officers and our founder/Captain.

They've got lots of beads and trinkets to throw

Once they pass by, the parade is a go!

  • Band – Landry – Walker High School Marching Band
  • Flambeaux

Float 2 - Honorary Muse – Tamron Hall (Muses Shoe Float)

Each year the Muses scour the nation

For a woman whose life is a pure inspiration.

You'll find her riding in a big light-up shoe,

here to honor the season with me and with you!

All Hail honorary Muse Tamron Hall, award-winning journalist and an advocate for education, housing and women's safety, she embodies the spirit for which the Muses are known, and is an inspiration to all New Orleans girls and future Muses.

  • Band – Landry – Walker High School Marching Band
  • Flambeaux
  • Horse Unit – Lady Godiva Riding Club

Float 3 - Mt. Olympus Brass Band (Coolbone)

  • Band – Lake Area High School
muses duck at night 2022

Float 4 - The Bathing Muses + Rubber Duck and Duckies

Here comes a bubbling bathtub overflowing with fun,

and four new signature floats to thrill everyone.

The cutest floats ever to grace the avenue

are Mama Duck and Baby Ducks One, Three and Two!

  • Band – Helen Cox
  • Horse Unit – Lady Godiva Riding Club

Float 5 – Molly Marines Chapter LA-1, Women Marines Association

  • Marching Unit – Molly Marines
  • Band – Edna Karr High School Marching Band
  • Marching Unit – Krewe de Suess
2017 title float

Float 6 - Title Float 2017 – Dr. Meuss on the Loose. Oh The Parade We Will Throw.

Get ready! Here they come! Soon you will see a Muse!

They’re off for a great ride armed with glittery shoes

They have bands all lined up, they have floats filled with throws

Crowds will exult from their heads to their toes

They’ll roll up and down streets, reign over all with love.

And if you really want a shoe, please don't push, grab or shove

The Muses will put on a fantastical show

It’s "Dr. Meuss on the Loose" and Oh! The Parade They Will Throw!

  • Band – McDonogh 35 Senior High School Marching Band

Float 7 - Welcome to Shoeville

Welcome to Shoeville, in the state of boot

Where the former gov’nor blew all our loot

We have our highs, we have our lows

Oh, the woes of Shoeville’s woes!

Shoeville is known as the City of Sin

But it's in pretty good shape for the state that it's in.

  • Band – Martin Luther King Charter School

Float 8 - Yat in Da Hat

He’s a favorite Dr. Meuss character, he's crazy and vocal

He's also the most undeniably local

He eats erstas, drinks Barq's, and says “Where Y’at”

Let's all give it up for the Yat in Da Hat!

  • Band - George W. Carver High School Marching Band

Float 9 - Yertle the Turtle Soup

For Yertle the Turtle things got really hot

When a Top Chef tossed him in a pot

He used onions, pepper and celery and made a roux goop

Until he had a big helping of Yertle Soup.

  • Band – West Jefferson High School

Float 10 - One Pill Two Pill Red Pill Blue Pill

One pill, two pill, red pill, blue pill,

Let’s hope insurance will pay for a refill

Some pills make you feel like a star

Some pills show how things really are.

Say, what a lot of pills there are!

  • Band – L.W. Higgins High School

Float 11 - Jocks in Socks Hop on Pop

Jocks in socks get big bucks playing sports

while others Hop on Pop in courts

They're dribbling with Davis, they're feeling the Brees,

And if you ask nicely they'll pose for selfies.

  • Band – Fannie C. Williams

Float 12 - The Sinklers

The Sinklers live way down under our city

And they are the reason our streets aren’t so pretty.

Potholes and sink holes and holes in the ground

The Sinklers make holes all over our town.

  • Band – Kipp Leadership Academy
Horton Hears a Who Dat

Float 13 - Horton Hears a Who Dat

Another year and no Lombardi came home

There’s just one Who Dat left in the dome

The team’s 7 and 9, the draft picks were misspent

but a Who Dat is faithful 100 percent!

  • Band – Carmouche Performing Arts Academy
  • Marching Unit - High Steppers and ISL Circus Arts Kids
  • Marching Unit – Krewe of Wheel
If I ran the zoo

Float 14 - If I Ran the Zoo

I went on down to the Audubon Zoo, and they were all for sale to you.

The monkey’s for sale, the tiger’s for sale and the elephant been sold too!

I went on up to the big old Fly and the sign said for sale

The land’s for sale, the grass is for sale and they only serve one brand of ale!

  • Marching Unit – Camel Toe Lady Steppers & Brass Band

Float 15 - SCOTUS

The SCOTUS 8 rarely see eye to eye

We need Justice 9 to break the tie

We asked the new resident and here’s what he said

"SCOTUS Number 9 will most definitely wear RED."

  • Band - Ninth Ward Marching Band

Float 16 - Oh, The Places You Can’t Go

When you need to pee, you need to pee

No matter where you are

But will they let you pee there

If you weren’t born with that star?

  • Marching Unit – Pussyfooters

Float 17 - How the Grump Stole Twitter

His name is President Grump and he’s a talkative critter

at least he is when he’s tweeting on Twitter

He calls people LOSERS and mocks them with zest

Claims they're all overrated and he's simply the best.

This float features tweets we’ve seen from this Grump:

“Parade satire is so NOT FUNNY! These Muses should and will be punished in a HUGE way!”

“I am not a GRUMP! I won the popular vote and Electoral College! This parade must be backed by @CNN and the failing @NYTimes”

“If I were there I would grab me a Pussy…Footer!”

  • Marching Unit – Dead Rock Stars
and to think

Float 18 - And to Think That I Saw it on Bourbon Street

I went down to Bourbon Street and what did I see?

Boobs and leather and what on earth could THAT be?

They’ve got legs swinging out windows and folks singing the blues

And this guy says he knows where I got my shoes!

  • Marching Unit – Rolling Elvi

Float 19 - Mayor Shiny McSheen and his Resilience Machine

Hide the crime, move the homeless and all the things that we dread

The whole city should shine like the top of his head

The mayor says New Orleans is no longer hurtin'

Just don't sneak a peek at what's behind the curtain

  • Marching Unit – NOLA Cherry Bombs

Float 20 - If I Ran the Circus

The new Gov didn’t know that he’d be ringmaster

To the Legislature's three ring circus disaster

There's a clown on the dais and a guy tight-rope prancing

and a representative over 160 pounds who’s pole dancing

  • Marching Unit – Bearded Oysters
green eggs and hamilton

Float 21 - Green Eggs and HAMilton

You know theater can never go wrong

When you take a play and drench it in song

We've got hit musicals inspired by history, or Disney

Tickets cost only an arm, leg or kidney

  • Marching Unit - Kolossos Art Bikes
what do I do

Float 22 - What Do I Do Now?

My time is up, I’m done and how

I just want to know…WHAT DO I DO NOW?

Do I lounge ‘round a beach, make a lucrative speech?

The options are many, I might even teach

Do I take up a new hobby, make BIG bucks and lobby?

Which reminds me, anyone out there seen Bobby?

  • Marching Unit – Organ Grinders

Float 23 - The Yennax

I am the Yennax and I live in denial

I won’t leave my job, just take me to trial!

I can't go to schools, but I show up at work

It's not like working is some sort of perk

I have my job, folks, and I’m telling you,

I intend to go on doing just what I do.

  • Band – Noisician Coalition
old once

Float 24 - You’re Only Old Once, If That

When you’re starting to sag and feel out of luck,

It can all be resolved with a nip and a tuck

Why advertise all the years of your life

when they can each be erased with one slice of a knife?

  • Riding Unit – Laissez Boys

Float 25 - Wife 1 and Wife 2 and Wife 3

I think your White House is overrated

I prefer my home gold-plated.

Donald moved to DC to flex his new powers

But we know he prefers golden towers

  • Riding Unit – Pink Slip Float

Float 26 - The Uber Battle Blog

It seems to us in these modern times

It sure does pay to be online.

We're banishing taxis with our handy app

That's what happens when you build a better mousetrap.

  • Band – BateBunda and the Dance Group

Float 27 - Is That a Wocket in Your Pocket? (or are You Just Happy To See Me?)

Is that a wocket in your pocket or are you playing that game?

If you’re walking into traffic we know who’s to blame.

They’re popping up all over from dusk ‘til dawn.

Find them now before it’s Pokemon GONE!

  • Band – Bloco Sereia

Float 28 - Sirens

And now you are about to see the last one

Our Sirens float means the parade's almost done

While the Sirens lure sailors down the rest of the route

We'll just say Happy Mardi Gras and Muses – OUT!

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