2008 best parade

2008 Parade

2008 best parade

2008 Parade

2008 best parade

2008 Parade

2008 best parade

2008 Parade

Welcome to the Krewe of Muses Parade for 2008

The Krewe of Muses, founded in the year 2000, with their first parade in 2001, has 765 riding members for this 8th annual parade.

You’ve heard of Studio 54? Well get ready for Muses 08…get ready to get down and disco because tonight all of New Orleans will catch.

Here comes the parade!

  • The Crescent City Roller Girls: are handing out a special throw from the Krewe of Muses. Last year the Muses entertained the city with a special comic book. This year the Muses offer the original parade lyrics for Muses Night Fever.
  • Marching Unit – Roller Girls
  • Shriner Dune buggies
  • Band – U.S. Marine Corp
  • Marching Unit – Molly Marines
  • Flambeaux
  • Marching Unit – Walking Shoes

Float 1 – The 9 Muses 2008 – the Muses Officers

  • Marching Unit – Butterflies
  • Band – St Augustine High School
Marva Wright

Float 1a – The Muses Shoe — Honorary Polhymnia – the Goddess of Spiritual Song – Marva Wright

Marva Wright is called the Blues Queen. Fans of her energy–filled performances, both live and recorded, call her a lot of other things, too, like "Marvalous Marva." The "bluesiana" numbers she favors are a strong showcase for her dynamic, gospel–rooted voice. One listen would be enough to convince any newcomer of her strengths, which is surprising in light of the fact that the vocalist was a late bloomer who didn't turn professional until 1987,

Although she made a career out of music late in life, Wright actually began to sing much earlier, when she was nine years old. Like many artists, her first public singing efforts were heard in church, with her mother as her accompanist.

All hail our Honorary Polhymnia – Marva Wright!

  • Band – Xavier Prep High School Marching Band
  • Horse Unit – Lady Godiva Horse Unit

Float 1b – Mt. Olympus Brass Band (Coolbone)

  • Walking Unit – N. O. Circus School
  • Walking Unit – America’s Wetlands

Float 2 – The Bathing Muses

This giant bubbling bathtub is a Muses signature float.

  • Band – O. P. Walker High School Marching Band
2008 title

Float 3 – Title Float – Muses Night Fever

Get ready for a disco night…with hit after hit from the Disco era rolling past.

  • Band – Warren Easton Marching Band
I'm coming out

Float 4 – I'm Coming Out

To the tune of Diana Ross’s disco hit…but this song is being sung by the residents of the OPP under former District Attorney Eddie Jordan….

I’m coming out

I’m out of OPP

No orange jumpsuit for me

  • Band – Rabouin High School Marching Band

Float 5 – Jive Talkin'

Now sung by Mayor C. Ray Nagin

Jive Talkin’

Going off script

Jive Talkin’

The country thinks I’ve flipped

Jive Talkin’

I’m misunderstood

Jive Talkin’

Don’t say what I should…that’s our mayor

  • Band – East St. John High School
That's the way

Float 6 – That's The Way I Like It

As sung by Senator’s David Vitter and Larry Craig

That’s the way – uh–huh, uh–huh they like it…at least when the press is not around.

  • Band – All Star Drumline

Float 7 – When Will I See You Again

As sung by the renovating population of New Orleans….to their contractors.

  • Band – Joseph S. Clark High School

Float 8 – Czar Wash

To the tune of Car Wash as sung by the Staff of Dr. Ed Blakely – New Orleans’ own Recovery Czar.

Workin’ at the Czar Wash

Talkin ‘bout the Czar Washer

We know the work can be kinda hard

Dealing with buffoons you’ll never be a star

  • Band – George Washington Carver Sr High School
Take a chance

Float 9 – Take A Chance On Me

This Abba classic is now sung by the candidates for President of the United States.

If you want me black, if you want me white – Presidentially, Take a Chance on Me…it’s this year’s presidential candidates vying for your vote!

  • Band – Sarah T. Reed. High

Float 10 – We Are Fleur De Lis

To the tune of We Are Family as sung by the fleur de lis covered citizens of New Orleans

We are Fleur de lis – I’ve got all my symbols on me…which all of us have in the past two years!

  • Band – Livingston High School

Float 11 – Shake Shake Shake

Shake Shake Shake – Shake Your Friends Down: to the tune of Shake Your Booty by Oliver Thomas and Pampy Barre…and others to be named later by Jim Letten.

  • Band – Fredrick Douglas High School
last dance

Float 12 – Last Dance

As sung by Governor Bobby Jindal to former Governor Kathleen Blanco

Yes it’s her Last Dance – Last Chance for Gov!

  • Band – Rebirth Brass Band and the Lady Buck jumpers
  • Horse Unit – Wild West Wranglers
Disco Lame Duck

Float 13 – Disco Lame Duck

Don’t shoot Cheney – It’s the Disco Lame Duck…yes it is the last year GW will grace a satirical float as our President!

  • Band – Rolling Elvi and van
Stayin' Alive

Float 14 – Stayin' Alive

As sung by Congressman Bill Jefferson

Whether he’s convicted or whether he’s acquitted he’s stayin’ alive! Hear the news breaking and the family is shakin’ but he’s stayin’ alive!

  • Marching Unit – Pink Slip Float

Float 15 – Shame

The original song was sung by Evelyn Champagne King – but this version is sing by fans of Michael Vick and Barry Bonds and sports fans everywhere…what a shame.

  • Drill Team – Pussyfooters

Float 16 – Brick House

Yes’s he building a brick house – he’ll make it mighty mighty so his stuff won’t get flooded out…

  • Riding Unit – Lake Charles City Marshal Motor Cycle Unit

Float 17 – Upside Down

Yes it looks like City Hall is Upside Down…but that is no surprise to the people of New Orleans.

  • Marching Unit – Camel Toe Lady Steppers & Hot Eight Brass Band
DON'T LEAVE me this way

Float 18 – Don't Leave Me This Way

As sung by the uninsured of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast…these are some good hands when it comes to the hand off.

  • Band – Pinettes Brass Band

Float 19 – Leak Out

As sung by the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

Leak Out – system’s antique – Leak Out…

Note the beautiful pipe prop on the float that says “Bienville Wuz Here.”

  • Marching Unit – Bearded Oysters
BAd girlz

Float 20 – Bad Girls

As sung to Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie

Bad Girls – yes, we’re talkin’ ‘bout rehab girls…

  • Marching Unit – Jelly Bellies
  • Band – Revolutionary Snake Ensemble

Float 21 – Hot Stuff

As sung by the looters of New Orleans

Copper pipes, architectural treasures and wrought iron fences…Yes they’re lootin for some hot stuff tonight

  • Band – To Be Continued
  • Horse Unit – Stepping in Style Riders
Raining men

Float 22 – It's Raining Men

As sung by the women of New Orleans

Yes these days in New Orleans it’s raining men – workmen and national guardsmen that is…

  • Band – Mo’lasses

Float 23 – Skunky Town

As sung by Sidney Torres

Gotta make a move to a town that’s right for me? No way – Sidney wants to clean up Skunky Town!

  • Band – Panaroma Brass Band

Float 24 – F.E.M.A.

As sung by the employees of the Federal Emergency Management Agency

Yes it’s fun to work for the F.E.M.A …at least they’re better then the Corps!

  •  Band – Hurricane Runners
sirens 2008

Float 25 – Sirens – I Will Survive

To end the parade on the right disco note the Muses make the statement from the Gloria Gaynor classic:

I am New Orleans and I Will Survive!

Good night and thank you for joining us for the 8th annual Krewe of Muses parade.

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