gambit best of new orleans 2023

2023 Parade

gambit best of new orleans 2023

2023 Parade

gambit best of new orleans 2023

2023 Parade

gambit best of new orleans 2023

2023 Parade

2023 Krewe of Muses — Goodnight Muse

Muses tHERsday, February 16, 2023

The Line-up for the 2023 Krewe of Muses Parade is as follows:

  • WDSU – Parade Tracker
  • WWL – Parade Tracker
  • Sky-Tracker – Muses Balloon
  • Horse Unit – Lady Godiva Riding Club
  • Marching Unit – Big Easy Roller Girls
  • Band – St Augustine High School - Lead by Band Director Mr Ray Johnson
  • Marching Unit – Walking Shoes and Butterflies
float 1 2020 goddessy

Float 1 – The Goddessey

Widely known as patrons of the arts, Muses are truly patrons of knowledge. And you can’t have knowledge without illumination. This float is all about illumination — the nine Muses are depicted in silhouette because the focus is not on them, but on what they inspire.

  • Band B. Landry High School Marching Band – Lead by Band Director Mr. Wilbert Rawlins

Float 2 – Shoe: Honorary Muse 2023 – Irma Thomas

For 2023, the Muses Shoe carries Honorary Muse and the Soul Queen of New Orleans, Grammy Award-winning blues and gospel singer Irma Thomas! This Muses tHERsday she is the Sole Queen of the Krewe of Muses.

  • Flambeaux (30)
  • Band – John F. Kennedy High School – Lead by Band Director Mr Keith Thomas

Float 3 – Mt. Olympus Brass Band (Coolbone)

  • BandHelen Cox High School – Lead by Band Director Mr Lonzie Jackson

Float 4 – Happy Are They Whom The Muses Love

  • Band – Edna Karr High School Marching Band – Lead by Mr Christopher Herrero

Float 5 – Molly Marines Chapter LA-1, Women Marines Association

  • Band – McDonogh 35 Senior High School Marching Band – Lead by Mr Felix Lewis
M-113 Title Float B

Float 6 – Title: 2023 – Goodnight Muse

On a THERsday night There was a great parade

With a white balloon

Full of light

And a group of Butteries in flight

And there were six shoes

Dancing in twos

And four ducks rub-a-dub

Right behind a bathtub

And some laissez-boys

Riding expensive toys

And a red shoe float

And a peachy boat

And a siren or three

And bands playing with glee

And dead rock stars resurrected miraculously

And riders from the Muses krewe

Drinking lots of Muses brew

And happy revelers chanting "SHOE!"

  • Band – Martin Luther King Charter School – Lead by Mr Charles Brooks

Float 7 – The Bath Time!

Hey, hey, what do you say?

It’s time to take a bath today!

These bathing beauties ride every year

They’re not shy—they’re glad you’re here!

  • Rolling Group – Vivant les Bon
  • Band – Katherine Drexel – Lead by Morgan Stewart

Float 8 – Make Way for Ducklings

Mamma Duck knows all about bringing up children. When she heard the Muses were rolling she said “Come along children, follow the Muses parade!” And along they all went. The whole city is going to make way for these ducklings.

  • BandBooker T. Washington School – Lead by Mr Michael Johnson
M-97 The Little Engine That Could Do Donuts

Float 9 – The Little Engine that Could do Donuts

Chug, Chug, Chug! Squeal squeal squeal! Screech, screech, screech! The Little Engine broke away from the train to do a show for the crowd. He was a badass little engine. You can see his skid marks in the street and spot his antics on TikTok. If you listen carefully, above the noise you can hear him chant...“I don’t think laws apply to me. I don’t think laws apply to me. I don’t think laws apply to me...

  • Band Abramson Sci Academy – Lead by Johnnie Van Burren
M-96 Where the Wild Things Are

Float 10 – Where The Wild Things Are

The nights Max wears his wolf suit, he heads downtown to make mischief of one kind or another. He will party through the night and day, Where the Wild Things Are...A private dance, bright green beverages, and swinging from the balconies, great big wild things that threaten to ‘eat you up’. It all seems normal on Bourbon Street. Go ahead and roar your terrible roars, gnash your terrible teeth, roll your terrible eyes, show your terrible claws. Let the wild rumpus start.

  • Band – Walter L. Cohen High School – Lead by Mr David Wallace
M-109 Cloudy with a Chance of Snoballs

Float 11 – Cloudy with a Chance of Snoballs

Grandpa says the weather in Chewandswallow has nothing on New Orleans. It may have rained meatballs there, but long ago it rained snoballs. People had to catch them quickly before they melted. And did Hurricane Crawfish Monica leave a huge mess for the Sanitation Department! You can only imagine the smell when garbage pick-up took several weeks.

  • Band – Livingston Collegiate Academy – Lead by Mr Dedric Jones
M-103 Llama Llama

Float 12 – Llama Llama Insta Trauma

Llama Llama red pajama reads a story with his Mama.

Mama kisses baby’s hair. Mama Llama goes downstairs.

In his room, all alone, Baby Llama grabs his phone.

Instagram filters give him a complex and did he just get DM’ed a naked text?

Mama Llama’s at the sink. Baby Llama needs a shrink!

  • Band – Eleanor McMain High School – Lead by Mr Herman Halphen
M-94 Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Float

Float 13 – Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Float

The tractor driver has asked us to make sure the pigeon doesn’t drive the float. The pigeon says he’s a good driver. The pigeon says he has driven a tractor before. The pigeon says he has a category D commercial Louisiana license. Vroom Vroom Vroom. The pigeon really really wants to drive that float. It’s just a float and he has dreams, you know.

  • Band – Fredrick A Douglass High School – Lead by Jordan Harper
M-100 Where the Sidewalk Ends

Float 14 – Where the Sidewalk Ends and Construction Begins

There is a place where the sidewalk ends

And construction begins

And there the detours will take you far

And the holes will surely break your car

And chances are you’ll need to be towed

All because another project slowed

The place where the sidewalk ends and construction begins

  • Band – Alice Harte (Heart Beat of the South) – Lead by Christopher Arce
M-99 The Velveteen Nutria

Float 15 – The Velveteen Nutria

There once was a boy who had an adorable furry rodent with long orange teeth. It escaped during a storm and started eating all the marsh grass it could t in its belly. It had lots and lots of babies and they all ate so much marsh grass, until the whole state started to wash away. One night a fairy appeared out of a flower, just as the nutria was about to take a big bite. The fairy said, “I have an idea that will make little boys and girls very happy,” and turned all the nutria into velveteen stuffed animals. And everyone, except the nutria, lived happily ever after.

  • Band – Kipp Collegiate Atlanta (Sounds of Royalty) – Lead by Arthur Washington
  • Marching Unit – High Steppers and ISL Circus Arts Kids
M-110 The Very Little Prince

Float 16 – The Very Little Prince

It’s a different world...a purple, green and gold sugar-coated galaxy, and here we have our own Little Prince in every King Cake. It is a sweet and wonderful place. Just be careful where you bite.

  • Rolling Unit – Laissez Boys
M-91 The Day the Red and Blue Crayons Quit

Float 17 –The Day the Red & Blue Crayons Quit

Dear Duncan,

Blue and Red crayons here! We’ve teamed up. Yes, you heard us! We’ve teamed up. We are EXHAUSTED. Oh that damn map of the United States! We have drawn it so many times. States, cities, counties, districts. And don’t get us started on Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia! Do you have any idea how tired we are of drawing GEORGIA?! We are worn down to our nubs. We quit. How about you give purple a chance? Peace out!

Waxingly yours,

The Blue and Red Crayons

  • Marching unit – Camel Toe Lady Steppers
M-105 Captain Underwire

Float 18 – The Adventure of Captain Underwire

Bra – laa – laaaaaa!

It’s time for the Adventures of Captain Underwire! She lifts! She separates! She uses simple (but painful) wires to help women put their best girls forward. She is a true Super-shero!

  • Marching Unit – Pussyfooters
M-111 The Very Hungry Councilpillar

Float 19 – The Very Hungry Councilpillar

By the light of the moon in the Crescent City some Council-pillars were born, and they were very hungry. They ate up the budget. But they were still hungry. They ate up mayoral appointees. But they were still hungry. And they’ll probably stay hungry, until one of them cocoons and is reborn as a winged mayor.

  • Marching Unit – Krewe of Uranus/Revolution
M-102 Pete the Yat Cat

Float 20 – Pete the Yat Cat

Pete the Yat Cat was hanging out down by the wharf in his glitter shoes. He loved his city and his shoes so much that he sang a song.

"Mississippi water I sip

While I smoke a little nip

My pedigree - well dat’s mixed

And you guessed it, I’ve been fixed.

I’m the prettiest of blues

And I love dem sparkly glittah shoes.”

  • Marching Unit – Dead Rock Stars
M-106 James and the Giant Peach Daiquiri

Float 21 – James & The Giant Peach Daiquiri

Poor little James needs a little drive-through magic —or maybe more than a little! Luckily James found the Giant Peach Daiquiri at New Orleans Original Gluttonies. Looks like he’s in for a BIG adventure.

  • Marching Unit – Rolling Elvi
M-104 The Berniestain Bears

Float 22 – The Berniestain Bears

The Bear family has a guest and the forest is ready for change. Bernie is visiting, mittens and all, and now they are The Berniestain Bears. They’re unionizing the beavers and making the stags, who make up 1% of the forest, pay deerly and cough up some bucks. And of course they are rallying behind the Evergreen New Deal.

  • Riding Unit – Kolossos Art Bikes
M-90 Oh the Places She'll Go

Float 23 – Oh The Places She’ll Go…or Has Already Been

Yes, she’s off

For a week or a day

She’s off to great places

She’s off and away Her bags are packed

She may be riding first class

She doesn’t care

If some think she’s crass

Because she is the Mayor

She can put on a show

She’s off and away

To the places she’ll go

  • Rolling Unit – Marching Unit – Bearded Oysters
M-112 Madeline

Float 24 – It’s Okay to be Madeline

In front of a Washington DC shrine stand twelve protestors in two straight lines.

In two straight lines they make their voices heard

In two straight lines they’ve had their anger stirred

They fight for the good, they scorn the bad

And lately things have made them sad

They shout and cheer but never whine

It’s okay to be MADeline!

  • Marching Unit – Sassyracs
M-95 Are You My GGG Grandmother

Float 25 – Are You My Great-Great-Great Grandmother?

The little bird just got his DNA results back from 2023and me. Now he is searching the cemeteries of New Orleans asking, “Are you my great-great-great-grandmother?”

  • Marching Unit – Jamettes
M-93 If You Give the Saints a Rookie

Float 26 – If You Give The Saints a Rookie

If you give the Saints a rookie they are probably going to ask for a quarterback. And if you give the Saints a quarterback they will certainly ask for a kicker. And if you give the Saints a kicker they are going to ask for a better offense. And if you give the Saints a stronger offense they are going to ask for a better defense. And if you give the Saints improved defense, they will insist on better NFL refs. Maybe they just need better NFL refs!

  • Marching Unit – Nola Cherry Bombs
M-107 Elon and the Terrible

Float 27 – Elon and the Terrible, Horrible, Nom Good, Very Bad Days

He went to sleep with $44 billion, successful companies, a great reputation, and a huge following. He woke up, tripped on his ego, bought Twitter, sent some emails, red half the staff and alienated the rest, verified Jesus’ account, reinstated You-Know-Who, banned that other guy, lost a few billion...Elon is having some terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days

  • Marching Unit – Broken Heel Social Aid and Pleasure Club
M-92 Lyle Lyle

Float 28 – Lyle, Lyle, Are CROCS Really in Style?

Street in New York City in the heart of the fashion world. He is here to say,” Yes, Crocs are really in style“. We just for the life of us don’t understand why.

  • Marching Unit – Bloco Seria
M-101 Where's Waldo_

Float 29 – Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo? Probably not in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arkansas...or St. Tammany Parish these days. We’ve heard he’s been banned, along with Harry Potter, Anne Frank, Charlotte and Wilbur, Tango, Harriet, and many other childhood literary friends. Seems like great works are going up in smoke.

  • Marching Unit – Skin-N-Bonez

Float 30 – SIRENS

The Sirens, mythical creatures made famous in works of literature, entice sailors to their doom and destruction. Each year they close out favorite night — and like any good book — we are sad to see it come to an end.

  • Volunteers of America Vehicle (Backend Parade Tracking)
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