2006 best parade

2006 Parade

2006 best parade

2006 Parade

2006 best parade

2006 Parade

2006 best parade

2006 Parade

Who are the Muses?

We Celebrate Women of Legend, Women of Art, Women of History, Women of New Orleans.

To the people of New Orleans they are street names, often mispronounced. In Greek mythology the nine Muses were the daughters of Zeus. Their mother was Mnemosyne (Ne–moss–i–nee), the goddess of memory. The Muses were wild until reformed by Apollo, who tamed them and taught them ways to express themselves.

Initially, the Muses didn't have personalities or names, but later they were all assigned names and specific virtues. Clio was the Muse of history, Urania of astronomy, Euterpe of lyric poetry, Polyhymnia of songs to the gods, Melpomene of tragedy, Thalia of comedy, Terpsichore of dance, Calliope of epic poetry, and Erato of love poetry.

They will gather for Mardi Gras 2006 and celebrate the legend of the Nine Muses. They will celebrate their wildness before they were tamed, their virtues after they were appointed and their place in the mystique of New Orleans, where each virtue seems to thrive.

“The Muses are all of one heart – free of care. When a Muse is around there are no troubles there. The Muses set their hearts upon song and their spirits are free. Seems Muses is just exactly what New Orleans needs. Not a soul shall feel sorrow, no one shall be glum…watch out New Orleans because here they come.”

Happy are they whom the Muses love – and tonight the Muses love all of the courageous and resilient people of New Orleans. 

Specialty Floats

Look for the fabulous Muses Shoe – entirely covered in fiber optics that change colors as the shoe steps out down the avenue and the word Muses magically appears and disappears on the side…

The Bathing Muses Bathtub – a bubbling bathtub filled with bathing beauties and shoot real bubbles.

Sirens – usually the last float in the Muses parade the Sirens were cast out by the uses in Greek Mythology. Today they are the wild women at the end of the parade.

Mnemosyne – Goddess of Memory and Mother of the Muses – a special float for 2006.

Muses Throws

The famous Muses throws are better then ever for 2006. Muses traveled across the globe to create Mardi Gras innovations like the Plush Spear, a safer version of the original. Also among the offerings this year the Muses backpack, pedicure kits (for shoe loving women), Muses dolls wearing the 2006 costume, blinky flashing yoyos, a baseball signed by all 9 muses and Apollo, the annual shoe bead (this year a funky platform in pink and green), the teddy bear bead – a crowd favorite, soft puppy beads, flower power beads, Frisbees, doubloons and cups. Look for the special theme beads for this year’s theme, Muses Got Game, with 4 different games being thrown.

The Muses cup for 2006 honors the Muse Urania, Goddess of Astronomy. This year’s cup design contest winner and artist of all of the cups being thrown by the Krewe of Muses is Erica Aupied, Hahnville High School student. Congratulations Erica and thank you for your contribution to Mardi Gras 2006! (Erica and her family will be at Gallier Hall for the parade. Please acknowledge her.)

Float 1 – The 9 Muses 2006

The Captain and the Nine Muses lead the nearly 700 riding members of the Krewe of Muses parade. The entire organization is now over 1200 members strong.

The Captain of the Krewe of Muses is in the first position on the float. The nine Muses are Clio was the Muse of history, Urania of astronomy, Euterpe of lyric poetry, Polyhymnia of songs to the gods, Melpomene of tragedy, Thalia of comedy, Terpsichore of dance, Calliope of epic poetry, and Erato of love poetry.

The float is lit by fiber optic Muses tiles across the front.

  • Band – MAX High School Marching Band
Becky Zaheri

Float 1a – The Muses Shoe

This year, Muses honors Urania, Goddess of Astronomy. Representing Urania is our own star, Muse Becky Zaheri, founder of the Katrina Krewe. The Katrina Krewe has organized over 1,000 volunteers to clean up the streets of New Orleans twice a week. Muses is proud to be able to honor one of our own members with a ride in the fabulous shoe float.

  • Marching Unit – Butterflies

Float 1b – Mt. Olympus Brass Band (Coolbone)

A Muses favorite gives music to inspire.

  • Flambeaux
tub float

Float 2 – The Bathing Muses

A bubbling bathtub filled with Muses beauties

  • Band – O. P. Walker High School Marching Band

Float 2a – First Responders

Muses honor first responders – our stars – who were true heroines following Hurricane Katrina. These women are our inspiration to move forward in our rebuilding. The first responders on this float are:

Lucy Pribennow, animal rescue; Dr. Cathi Fontenot, Medical Director, Charity and University Hospitals; Judy Darby Hoffmeister, Red Cross, St. Bernard Parish; Lily Duke, Emergency Food & Water; Sara Faulkner, Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer; NOPD Officers: Pauline Willioughby, 7th District; Donna Patterson, 3rd District, Marsha Heirsch, ISB; Victoria Guidry, 5th District; Sabrina Richardson, ASB; Theresa Meunier, 2nd District, and firefighter Christine Legrande–Delatte.

  • Walking heads (Crescent City Artist), N. O. Circus School & Truck
2006 title muses got game

Float 3 – Title Float – Muses Got Game

For 2006 the Krewe of Muses enter the game closet and pull out a pile of our favorite games – with a special satirical twist! This float also carries a subtitle chosen by the Muss for 2006 – “If we don’t laugh we’ll cry.” A sentiment many of us understand this year above all.

Let the Games Begin!

  • Band – Ninth Ward Marching Band

Float 4 – Candyland

A childhood favorite…this year we go down the pain clinic path – past the OxyContin tree the gingerbread house of Xanax, Soma Swamp and Lortab lollipop woods. That’s a nice trip through Candyland…oh yeah.


Float 5 – Operation

With President George W. Bush on the table this is Operation Internal Freedom. To win you need to remove oil from his brain, fundamentalism from his heart, a pretzel from his throat, Halliburton contracts from his hand, a wild past from his liver and as we learned after Katrina – poverty from his eyes.

  • Band – Zabumba Samba Ensemble
hungry HIPPO

Float 6 – Hungry Hungry Hippos

You know these guys and how to play this game – it’s the Hungry Hungry Hippos and they are snatching up Vioxx and levee breach lawsuits as fast as they can – the one with the most suits wins!


Float 7 – Babble

The game of scrabble takes on a whole new meaning with Babble – a game we all played a part in this past fall as we were attached to our radios and television sets. Catch the word and remember the coverage.

  • Band – Rebirth Brass Band and The Lady Buckjumpers
barrel of monkeys

Float 8 – Barrel of Monkeys

A childhood favorite game – unless you are trapped in New Orleans after a major disaster and waiting on FEMA – our own American Barrel of Monkeys

rockem sockem

Float 9 – Rockem Sockem Bouncers

This game is great fun – unless you happen to be on Bourbon Street just out for a good time – beware of the Rockem Sockem Bouncers.

  • Band – Pinette Brass Band
blame game

Float 10 – The Blame Game

Sing along with me – Blanco Blanco Bo Banco Banana Fana Fo Fanco Fe Fi Mo Manco – BLANCO.

Let’s try Ray

Nagin Nagin Bo Bagin Banana Fana Fo Fagin Fe Fi Mo Magin NAGIN.

A little round with Brown

Brown Brown Bo Bown Banana Fana Fo Fown Fe Fi Mo Mown BROWN.

The Blame Game.

  • Marching Unit – Save Our Wetlands

Float 11 – Hurling

This game was played often in New Orleans homes this past September and October – It’s not curling – like in the Olympics – It’s HURLING – the game of getting your fridge cleaned out without vomiting on yourself.

  • Band – Drill Team – Pussyfooters
spouse trap

Float 12 – Souse Trap

We all played Mouse Trap – the most fun was setting up the game. Well for some of our law enforcement officers the most fun is setting up those DWI checkpoints around town. At least its fun for them – not necessarily for those caught in the SOUSETRAP!

scruffle board

Float 13 – Scuffleboard

Forget Shuffleboard and pushing things around the deck…This is Scuffleboard and the Mayor is fighting over the crown prince crown with Thad Allen. Now that’s a scuffleboard game worthy of national news coverage.

  • Marching Unit – Camel Toe Lady Steppers & To Be Continued
hide and seek

Float 14 – Hide & Seek

Here’s a hide & seek game where no one is saying olly olly oxen free. Bill Jefferson and the FBI are also playing a game of don’t break the ice – in the freezer that is. And who is hiding out in Jamaica on the back of the float?

red rover

Float 15 – Red Rover

Red Rover Red Rover – send who over?  It was a school yard favorite – unless you were up against the Gretna Police Department. We don’t remember M16’s being allowed in the game.

  • Band – Some Like It Hot

Float 16 – The Game of Life

Remember the game of Life? Well it’s lots more complicated these days – especially when GW and Tom Delay get involved.

bouray nagin

Float 17 – Bouray

Bouray Nagin that is – Cajun poker looks different these days …MLK thinks so too…what’s that he’s saying “I told you to say WHAT??!” And Garland Robinette has a news release hot off the wire – “This just in – God has released a statement – he does not know this man and wishes he would stop using his name.” And of course our DA Eddie Jordan has a few words for the Mayor of Chocolate City.

Hey Ray – That’s Twister you’re playing – foot in mouth edition.

  • Band – Pink Slip Float

Float 18 – Frisk

The game of getting past airport security with your dignity intact. Anyone found with nail clippers, baby photos, buck teeth or pocket lint will be immediately apprehended and sent to Guantanamo Bay Cuba. That’s FRISK!

trivial pursuit

Float 19 – Trivial Pursuit

This is Jesse Jackson’s favorite game – and he’s playing it in New Orleans now…with a goal of bringing back citizens…but it looks like Jesse might be cheating. You’re disqualified. Better luck next time.

  • Marching Unit – Bearded Oysters

Float 20 – Assteroids

The old arcade game has changed a lot. Now days it is all about playing duck duck juice.


Float 21 – Ouija Board

We all remember pulling out the Ouija Board and calling upon spirits from the past for advice…Muses has called upon a few to offer advice to the living. Buddy D, Johnny Cochran, Ernie K–Doe and who else is up there?

  • Marching Unit – Rolling Elvi

Float 22 – Loosiana Olympics

It is Olympic season and in New Orleans let the shames begin! We’re playing games like Fencing, the 50 kilo dash, dodge ball with Jim Letten and of course the triathlon of Lie Cheat and Steal…looks like old Edwin Edwards is a 3 time gold medalist in that event.

The closing ceremonies can’t come soon enough.

game of chance 2006

Float 23 – A Game of Chance

A game of chance is a game whose outcome is random, and upon which contestants frequently wager money. Common devices used include dice, playing cards, roulette wheels, or numbered balls drawn from a container, or …living in New Orleans. We’re going to let it ride! It’s worth the risk.

  • Band – Mo’lasses

Float 24 – Sirens

This year she says it for all of us – Come hell or high water there’s no place like home.


Float 25 – Mnemosyne

(pronounced Ne–moss–i–nee) Goddess of Memory and Mother of the Muses

She’s the mother of the Muses and the goddess of memory. This year she is our reminder of all we have suffered. We celebrate life, we mourn the past, we shall never forget.

Muses chose to end this year’s parade thankful for all we are able to celebrate in our great city, but always thinking of all we have lost. This riderless float is in honor of those Mardi Gras lovers lost in our recent disaster.

Thank you for joining us for the 2006 Krewe of Muses Parade.

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