February 01, 2018
2018 Honorary Muse is LaToya Cantrell
2018 Honorary Muse is LaToya Cantrell
We are thrilled to announce that trailblazer LaToya Cantrell will lead our parade as 2018’s Honorary Muse! As the first woman elected to the highest office in New Orleans, Madame Mayor-elect is an inspiration and role model for the thousands of young girls, women and families who will line our parade route. LaToya will join us to celebrate this milestone in the history of our City in true New Orleans fashion  – by riding in a 17-foot tall fiber optic encrusted red pump! It’s the year of the women!

“The Muses organization isamong the best of New Orleans,” Cantrell said. “Muses delight in inclusion, creativity and pure fun. These strong and thoughtful women also have an 18-year tradition of philanthropy and community service to those in need, especially children and families. I am honored to be considered a Muse sister for this one magical evening.”


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